A unique community on its
own, they no longer spoke
the dialect of their ancestors
but a language of their own
known as Baba Malay. They
speak the Malay patois which
is Malay mixed with Hokkien
words and phrases.

The traditional Peranakan
house symbolising its culture,
with its formal Chinese
arrangement and eclentic mix
of furnishings reveal how this
unique culture enjoyed a
lifestyle that was deeply
rooted In Chinese tradition
and ritual, and yet was
receptive to the cultures of
other local communities
especially the Malay culture.
The chinese in the straits are called Babas to distinguish them from those born in China.
They are also known as the "Straits born Chinese" or "Peranakans", whereby the men are called "Baba" and the
women "Nyonya"

Malacca - the birthplace of the Peranakans is a city of many historical attractions, cultures and cuisines. Nonya
cuisine is another notable feature of the Peranakan culture. The food is a mixture or Malay, Chinese, Indian and
even Portuguese dishes.
Step Back In Time ..... with The Baba house and we'll take you back to revisit the traditional lifestyle of the

* Within walking distance to historical attractions
* Located in the vicinity of antique shops
* Fully air-conditioned with Colour T.V. / IDD
* Coffee/Tea Making Facility
* Free ample parking
* 24 Hours security  
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