All apartments are equipped with quality fittings & furnishings, suitable for
family & friends gathering. 3 bed room, for 6 pax++, Fully furnished, Kitchen
with utensil.

Brinchang Town, Cameron Highlands
2km or 10 min drive from Tanah Rata Town
Relax . Indulge . Enjoy
One of the latest new housing developments in
Cameron Highlands is Crown Imperial Court
Apartments Brinchang. This is a newly developed
and completed residence which is very much in
demand and sought after. It is the highest
apartment building located in within the Brinchang
town making it convenient and ideal for staying with
your family.

Current scenario

With new housing options springing up in Cameron
Highlands due to its nice cooling weather, the Crown
Imperial Court apartments would be one of your
most ideal choices around. You need not have to
wait long to move in because the keys have since
been handed over to its rightful owners and the CF
(Certificate of Fitness) will be ready at anytime.
Crown Imperial Court Apartment, Cameron Highlands
Relax . Indulge . Enjoy
Best view from Brinchang town

As with all apartments, Crown Imperial Court provides you with the best view in Brinchang town. It overlooks
the city landscape, giving you the bird’s eye view of the entire city and its activities. You could also see the
widely popular night market from here while the golf course also provide a meditative view as well.

Convenient location

Situated in the heart of Brinchang town, you will have access to all the basic amenities available in the town.
You can practically walk to the shops and convenience stores lining up just around the shops nearby. On top of
that, the banks, fast food chains and other facilities are also at arm’s length.

If you like to shop, head out to the night market which come alive when dusk breaks. The night market offers
and put up the freshest goods for sale here on a daily basis. You will be able to buy the freshest vegetables that
come directly from the farms. Apart from that, fresh strawberries, honey from the bee farms, tea produce and
such too are available at affordable prices. The night market is situated within walking distance of the
apartments which mean that you just have to take the lift downstairs, towards the front door and you are there.
Tanah Rata Night View
Relax . Indulge . Enjoy
Tanah Rata Night View
Relax . Indulge . Enjoy
Tanah Rata
Relax . Indulge . Enjoy
Tanah Rata
Relax . Indulge . Enjoy
Brinchang ( 10 minutes distance )
Famous Town in Cameron Highlands
Brinchang ( 10 minutes distance )
Famous Town in Cameron Highlands
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